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Ever wanted to travel? Perhaps you’ve felt such a deep, longing desire to travel that you feel like you might burst? Or maybe, you’ve always wanted to learn a language?

Me too!

Travelling is my passion, and sometimes I feel like I live and breathe it. If I’m not on a trip, you can bet I’m planning my next one. I’ve been around Europe, Asia and Oceania, and experienced things that a few years ago I could only have dreamed of. I love that every city, town, or forest has unique adventures that can become your most treasured lifelong memories – and I’m excited to share these with you all and show you where and how you can find some magic of your own.

That’s why I’m so excited to be launching Eloquently Elsewhere.

Eloquently Elsewhere is a language, travel and culture blog. I want to share with you all my resources and motivators for learning languages, my travel tips and advice, and of course, tales from all my adventures around the world!

I’m really looking forward to seeing where Eloquently Elsewhere might take me, and I really hope you can all join me on this journey.

There’ll be more posts coming soon, but for now, check out my ‘About Me’ page here to learn more, get ready to be inspired, and strap yourselves in for a great adventure!

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