About Me

Hello! Bonjour! こんにちは!Hallo! Hej! 안녕하세요!

I’m Maddy – a travel obsessed, aspiring polyglot with a love for adventure, photography, cute things, learning, and tea.

What can you find here?

First of all – welcome to my blog!

Eloquently Elsewhere is a blog about unique, quirky, cute and adventurous travel experiences, language and language learning, and discovering cultures.


Up until four years ago, I’d never left the country. I went on an overseas tour with a choir, and I realised the beauty of the world and how much there is to see. Since then, I’ve been to 17 countries, and I don’t plan on slowing down any time soon. I’m by no means a full-time traveller – I’m studying so I’m based in my home town of Melbourne – but I do try to get away wherever possible and see what the world has to offer.

What is travel to me? Travel is an experience, so first and foremost I value really experiencing the place that you visit – experiencing the atmosphere, the people, and most of all, the culture. Travel is also an opportunity to learn. I value education and learning so much in life, and the best thing about travel is that you get to do it in an amazingly fun environment. You learn about people, history, politics, languages, religion, stereotypes, and so much more. Travel is one of the most valuable learning tools there is.

Over my travels I’ve done so many amazing things and plan to do many more, and I want to share what I know with everyone else. I’m no expert, but I’m always learning. I can’t be an expert on every place I visit, but I one thing I can always give you guys is my own opinion – this blog is something treasure, and I want it to reflect that to the people who care by valuing honesty and your trust.

I’m a history lover, so this is often a big part of my travels, and I do hope to highlight this in a lot of what I post. I also love to do adventurous things, and one of the things I do in my travels is find the unique and the quirky things that every city and town has to offer. Travelling is the door to so many unique experiences. I’ve dined in an Alice in Wonderland themed café, drunk banana flavoured beer, cycled to castles, hiked in the Swiss Alps – anything is possible when you travel, and not only do you come home with beautiful, life-long memories, but you learn so much about yourself and the world.

Name something more special than that?


I like learning languages.

A lot.

It started off as just a bit of fun – I was interested in learning French and I already spoke a bit of Japanese, and after my trip to the Netherlands I was really interested in Dutch. Now it’s probably something more akin to a full-blown addiction.

I love that each language has its own character and its own kind of beauty, and that you can learn so much about a country or a culture through the language. I’m fascinated by words and culture, and I spend a lot of my time learning language and immersing myself in other cultures as best I can.

I can by no means call myself a polyglot yet – not even close, but in my attempts at learning languages, I have come across some pretty good resources which have helped me immensely, and I plan on organising and sharing these with you guys.


So what am I aiming for with this blog exactly? Here’s a really good run-down, so you know what I’ll endeavour to do for you and what you can expect from me:

  • I want to inspire you to travel.
  • I want to help you plan your next trip and make the planning process stress-free. 
  • I want to show you the cute, quirky, adventurous, fun things that I find along my travels and record my travels here.
  • I want to help break down stereotypes and create a more accepting, understanding and loving global community by sharing my experiences around the world, through different cultures.
  • I want to inspire you to learn a language (or five).
  • I want to help you achieve your travel and language dreams.
  • I want to help you to get off the beaten track in your travel destination and really get to know, understand and love the places that you visit.
  • I want to provide you with the best resources to achieve your goals.


What does the name mean?

When creating this blog, I really wanted to create with it a special name that encompasses all that I’m trying to share. Primarily this blog is about travel, and language learning (and the culture that comes with both!). Eloquently Elsewhere is about exploring the world, everything and everywhere that it has to offer, through language, adventure and open-mindedness.

Let’s go on this journey together, shall we?