10 Reasons to Start Learning a Second Language

Every year, I make wildly spectacular New Year’s Resolutions, and every year, I don’t follow them. Nevertheless, there’s something really motivational about making plans even if you know you’ll probably never keep them.

Terrorism: Why You Shouldn’t Let It Stop You From Travelling

November 13, 2015: Gunmen and suicide bombers carry out a series of terror attacks throughout different Paris locations. Total number of deaths: 137. More injured. Devastation. Tragedy.

I remember waking up and hopping on Facebook. A few posts by friends caught my attention:

“My heart is with those in Paris”.

Scrolling further, oblivious and confused, some references to France’s national motto, “liberté, égalité, fraternité”.

Something was wrong. The next few minutes was spent reading news article after news article, clambering for any information I could find. I remember feeling sick, completely devastated.

24 Hours in Melbourne

If you’re looking to get a taste of Australia’s city culture, you can’t miss Melbourne. Many people say that Melbourne is the culture capital of Australia (and despite my obvious bias, I totally agree with them!). Galleries, exhibitions, dancing, singing, community events – Melbourne has it all, no matter what your interests may be.

A Complete Guide to Universal Studios Japan

Me and my partner have started a bit of a tradition on our travels – every major trip we go on, we always visit some kind of theme park.

Regaining Your Motivation for Language Learning

This semester I only had one university exam – French.

To most people this would incite a feeling of joy. Woohoo! No exams!

Not quite. Here, we have one week off before the start of our university exams which is intended for independent study. So naturally, what did I do during this week?

Nothing. I did absolutely nothing.

Why You Should Visit Europe in Winter

Every time I plan a trip to Europe for the winter I get the same questions.

“Why are you going in winter? Don’t you know how cold it will be?”

Despite the cold, winter is absolutely my favourite time of year to visit Europe.

Welcome to Eloquently Elsewhere!

Ever wanted to travel? Perhaps you’ve felt such a deep, longing desire to travel that you feel like you might burst? Or maybe, you’ve always wanted to learn a language?

Me too!